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Current project

I left Pickled Lizard (see below) in order to free up time to write some songs. Last time I wrote a song was around 1990, so it was about time I got back into it! This is also my first venture into the world of vocals.

My first effort: Show the Sun

Pickled Lizard

My last band was called Pickled Lizard. This was a five piece outfit playing mostly modern rock covers. They're still going, now playing as a four piece band (possibly looking for a keyboard player!).
See the website: www.pickledlizard.co.uk

Lizard Conspiracy

Prior to this (2004 / 2005) I was in a band called Lizard Conspiracy. This featured Stu on guitar and vocals, & Phil on bass. I played guitars and keys. Named after some nutter we met who thinks the world is run by 12ft lizards.
See the website: www.lizardconspiracy.com

Back in 89 / 90 I wrote and recorded a few songs / instrumentals:

Fiction & Reality Free Spirit Freeway Funky Number Revenge Is Sweet
Shine On
Western Boulevard
You & I
Love is Such a Danger